Building a Social Media Site in Flask

Lets walk through building a common social-media site from scratch. We'll start by defining what a social media site actually is (you'll be surprised) and then plan our site to build out all the foundation elements that are common among them.

Social Media Introduction

What is a social media site? What common elements do they share? We'll talk about identifying these common foundations and talk about how those foundations can help us build not just a particular type of site, but any site we desire.

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Defining our Project

So, what are we actually going to build? We'll keep the foundations we've already identified in mind and break it down into further manageable pieces which we can then use as the basis of our development.

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Be Lazy— Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Most of the features of our project are well trodden elements, lets use the hard work of others to speed up our own development. We're going to cover what our core features are, and what parts of the Flask ecosystem can help build them quickly.

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