A slowly growing selection of Tutorials, feedback always welcome.

Better Pagination in Flask


Pagination is common— lets make a generic macro that works with all pagination to save us effort.

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Nginx to Flask Communications

Flask, Nginx

We're used to having one Flask app per domain— for a generic site like a lightly customized landing page, that's wasteful. Let's instead think about building a single Flask app that gets fed information from the Nginx configuration to present a customized site per request.

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Persuading WTForms

flask, wtforms

SelectFields are horrible UI experiences for users— lets look about how we can easily persuade WTForms to represent them as checkboxes to make life better for everyone.

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Building a Social Media Site in Flask


Lets walk through building a common social-media site from scratch. We'll start by defining what a social media site actually is (you'll be surprised) and then plan our site to build out all the foundation elements that are common among them.

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